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Walk out of the lies that have haunted you…

Walk out of the lies that have haunted you

They’ve never — not for one second — ever been true 

not ready

not able

not prepared

not worthy

These mortal assessments 

cannot forever imprison you

Now it will take courage

And it will take mental might

And it may take often staying up through the night

Wrestling each mad belief down

But sweetest one we must rally for who we are

Now innocent

Now pure

Now able to hear

Now experienced

In What matters

That truest of all callings

How to be real

How to be love

How to be true

How to endure 

How to stand and keep standing to oppose the throngs of fear

Walk away from the lies

Of limit and doubt

Walk out of the costume you’ve worn day in and day out

Now free

Now whole

Now healthy

Now love

Now complete

Now satisfied

Now…. Dear child of God.
My heart to yours

Tre ~

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