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Was this rug stitched packaged transported and delivered by Love?


I stared at this rug for more moments than most

For me it’s so much deeper than furnishing a nest

I see each stitch and behind the stitch each fiber

and I so yearn to know

“were the conditions of labor fair and just?”

the tag said “made in India” and I smiled…

A moment prior a woman from India and I had shared a heart to heart listening session about “strive to hush the pull to doubt yourself ”
And so as I stared at this fabric hanging on the wall after I wondered about the conditions of labor…
Then my thought went to those who would have packaged her up:

were they cared for and fed?

did they have fair and just hours to work?
And then I thought of the dear men (likely) who would have loaded her up

I’ve met and know others who work at factories boxing things up and the loading them as cargo in the big box
And then I thought of the truckers who would have driven the crates to the port and I wondered and hoped and prayed that any port in India treated them fair…
Do they get a meal once they arrive or a break as they disembark?

Are they allowed to shower because likely their drive to the coast is quite hot?
Do they get to be in touch with loved ones and tell /text/instant message them they’re safe?
Or is it all just one huge machine and cranking out of products before they can take a humane break ?
And then I thought of the dear folks who run the freighters…
I’ve seen several…

these men are deep blue sea navigators
And they probably aren’t wondering what cargo they’re carting or whether they will ever meet the buyers of their wares…
But I hugged them up in deepest thought too at their seaward hour Hoping they’re safe and that made me wonder about those regulating law on the waves and waters
And the courage it takes to transport goods on the high seas and the storms and the waves and the inability to enforce land laws of liberty…
The open sea I know I’ve heard is its own terrain where rules of law sometimes go by the wayside and getting safely to shore becomes your only aim (disclosure I’ve met a few amazing blue water sailors–they sail across the Atlantic coast– in my days in the Keys )…
And then I thought of the port of Miami (i??Miami) where I’m from and others that I’ve seen up and down the east coast and I wondered how are those conditions regulated and are the laborers cared for adequately at best ?
And then of course I know the cargos journey on this shore quite well for each road trip up and down the east coast how many hundreds of tractor trailers brandings do I recognize and know?
And then the offloading and assembling and distribution of cargo that happens behind Roche Brothers in the off loading docks of Westboro –that journey I kinda know…
The path of this rug that befuddled me???

Is where are the stories of those who did its creating and transporting?

Those are dear lives of men and women we will never see…

But their thoughts matter

Their lives matter…

And I can’t not appreciate the world when staring at any kind of object you see…
Now this brings me to where I left things off yesterday

I actually didn’t make the purchase just yet…
See I can’t just go and buy anymore to get a nest done like I did way back when …

(Fear of your now can make your big huge goal the only thing you keep your eye on

and every thing else seem so trite and insignificant but every choice matters as it’s the manifestation of our motives…
So no choice is insignificant or trite or dumb or small

(everything we do begins in thought … Imagine what our lives can feel and look like as every thought seeks to be love –hey Tre that’s tweetable ???)
Meaning….I can’t just set up a nook even though I know it will cradle my (or another’s) heart in a nest for now
I don’t do anything any more to just “get it done”
(and I’m sorry I ever did)
See if we aren’t conscious of our choices and steps along the way

we won’t ever change andUP (spiritualize) our game (life is a journey but game rhymes so bare with me?

And each choice matters

And each way of being does…

the choices we make hourly impact me and you… thought by thought
So whether it’s a rug or a bucket of kale or the blouse I wear

or the ideas I spontaneously share…

I wanna know it was made with love and more …

I wanna know the labor conditions and the care of the creators and transporters and distributors etc etc were fair
Because we bring the world

into our homes

and nests

our offices

kitchens our bedrooms

And writing nooks

(And for many the mobile device he or she is holding is all of those… Trust me)

(and if you like tiny spaces like me you being the world into your square footage too)

And surrounding ourselves with fair and just practices reinforces the world over that we each are standing for and advocating LOVE as principle
So I will land this plane as this spontaneous poem this morn is long ????
But from my heart to yours???? investing moments to become more conscious

instead of getting something done

is never ever wrong
And someone will say to her/himself yes but I never know how to choose
And someone else will argue when you have kids you barely have time to buy let alone prepare the right food

And someone else will say I don’t have enough time

And someone else will argue I only care what I’m investing in

Then i wound hug you with my eyes and say yes you do

whether you’re venture capitalist app builder CFO or father or mother of a nation or two and ask you to be certain what you’re investing in is based on that which will bring the most good and effect change…
(Ask : what is my highest sense of love and my truest sense of doable now?)
Be so gentle in these moments today because the pace of mobile can make you think your manhood or womanhood (and businesses) has to be instant perfect in a very fake way…

We already are whole complete and free from all limits and fear

So invest moments that you need to to best nurture your precious now in the most tender yet persevering way.







If letting go and making change remember you’re only shedding a cocoon that you thought you needed to be safe …
one with Love we will each always be and knowing that is forever home meaning purpose security xoxoxo
(how boring would I be if I had just posted a photo of a rug and said “thinkin bout it “) ???

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