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What’s my brand? “Heed the nudge”










Self branding.

You need a brand.

She’s a brand.

He’s a brand.

That’s a brand.

It’s a lot to think about.

Here’s what I got so far.

Heed the nudge.

That brand that is Thought by thought.

Works for me.

Need more?

Here’s a poem that explains it.

In the language and tone that’s more how I live it.


Thanks for reading.

Tre ~


Heed the Nudge

There’s a point at which we begin….

~ to listen…within…

~ to really hear…or to try anyway…

~ to hush the doubts and ‘I dunnos’…

that make us wanna run away…

from. ourselves.

to that land of seem where all appear so able to be….

It’s at that point of our allowing ourselves begin

that we’re able to hug our hearts and feel

its in the true-to-ourselves-being we’ll win.’

And in those moments?

We stop hiding…

stop fretting…

stop wondering when we’re finally gonna know…

stop wondering why that journey to getting to someday is goin soooo slow….

And somewhere along that awkward trudging…

we actually pause…walk a bit more gently…less hurriedly

and start fine tuning that listening within to what’s nudging our he or she

and we actually stand for a while…

and stop looking back and ahead….

and stop checkin to see who’s retweeted, liked, texted or emailed again…

and in this now, right here in this thought…

we find that honestly and truly nothing is missing, which is what we’d thought.

and we grin, or giggle, or sigh….but we’re fully still….

~ alert

~ awake

~ aware

and it’s probably then — at least for me — that the sculpting…the real sculpting…of thought takes on a deeper will.

sans care anymore about appearances of mess…..

what fell to the floor even though the projected form was rather lovely…

It’s at that point of picking up the clump on the floor and sculpting it again,

we begin to see a familiar shape appear….that of being true…

and we may even hug her or him close and say “Oh, hi you”

because we see ourselves, whom we’ve never run from

maybe now just a bit more clear on how to keep on…

and heed that nudge

thought by thought…not lacking or wrong…

but loved. and free. simply. whee.

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