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When ‘Oh what have I done?’ wants to barge in…

There’s a deep ache that occurs for some

of the tender and sensitive and soft spoken among us

They seek to bless others to give and do good

They seldom seek what benefits self

They feel selfish if they did

Those precious ones have an inner struggle that’s huge…

For to better serve others they must face the fact they’ve neglected themselves…

Yet to address this in all the ways necessary…they must begin to embrace what they once phrased as selfish.

And this is so deeply hard…

and feels an ongoing inner tug of war…

Yet what I can speak to is what I know so deeply sure:

When the desire to bless others is the motive

And divine Love nudges ‘Luv-bug this way is the way I need you to go…”

And you roll up your thought sleeves

And you take that step

And you overcome so much fear

In doing just that very that…..

Well, what happens in the aftermath,

As if there’s supposed to be any external wheeee!!!

(all real victory lies in the inner well done that you always have to begin with)

Is a deep sense of

oh my goodness!…what have I done?

And tons of second guessing….

I know this pattern so deeply well I can map it…

The second I’ve overcome massive resistance, fear and accomplished the very thing that intimidated,

Well give it a day or two…or maybe even a week…

Here comes the squadron of guilt and accusation and more fear and second guessing!

And to their tauntings of ‘How dare you?

I now no longer respond….

And to their snickers of ‘What was the big deal?’

I now know to not give it ear or eye

And to their shaming of ‘Took you long enough!!!’

I now no longer react…

For their condemnings, I assure you, are never ever true and the lure to listen to, be duped by, or agree with their suggestions can be haulted in a single instant.

For as you remember your motive and what governed after all,

And as you hug your heart moment by moment and thought by thought

Then you begin to see that no step is EVER just about you…

For precious you needs little shoes and snack bags and tucking in and nite nite

All metaphoric of course…

But all the day through!!!

Every single step you take to overcome fear

Includes its well done in the accomplishing!!!

Whew!!!…what a victory!

No feat too small…

No task too little to acknowledge…

BUT be so mindful of the onslaught that wants to follow up with that well done and attack it.

So just know in your heart that the knowing that allowed you press on…And accomplish the whatever you needed to do on your way to getting much done…

That same conviction can be your now armor too

As you boot down the wanna be thought hijackers that have nothing to do with precious you

And refuse to listen to them

Refuse to react!!!

Their attempts to befuddle and impose guilt are just sooo not ever where it’s at.

Do not react.

In fact pay them no heed.

Relish your victory and get on with the next, and the next, and those to come….


My heart to yours,

Tre ~

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