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And in a moment, upon awaking,

There was no panic for the first morning in what seemed forever

And she hugged her covers

Close to her chest

And knew she awoke calm –not because of where she was–

because of where she’d let her thought stay before her rest…

She had known for years that home is within…

The consciousness of the law of harmony forever at hand…

But the toll of constant searching for a place

had seemed to weigh

And make her never feel safe wherever she landed…wherever she stayed…

And healing comes sometimes quietly after many affirmations..

Of what may seem years of consistent silent advocating….

And so it was this morn…

That she awoke feeling safe…

Not because of place

But because of where her thought stayed…

a little healing thought tip for you

Wherever you are now

Whatever place is holding you

That you go within again and again

Defending oneness with Love

Ever nested in Her constant care

And this demands you ask for direction from within

And it demands your humble willingness to let go and stop insisting on your needs and your plans

For the Love that holds us forever knows what we need and supplies it each moment…

Ever at one in Love are we

Housed and held safe eternally…

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