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Permission to hug your right now

sometimes, a hug is all what we need
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Hey friend….

Hope you’re well.

Gotta question for ya:

How are you hugging your now?

Ya know? The who you are…now?

How are you hugging him or her?

Don’t know how? Or think it’s loo loo?

Well, think on this with me for a mo …(moment).

Sometimes we’re bombarded…overloaded with ideas.

I get it. I’m a 24/7 thinker and so are you.

And sometimes…those ideas pull us to ponder possibilities….which is yum surely…who doesn’t like dreaming big?

And sometimes those possibilities of all we wanna become and be can make the who we are now feel really REALLY far from the who we wanna be.

And that gap…that big open abyss of a gap can feel really looming and make our now feel really..um..inadequate…lacking…deficient.

And then we do too.

Not good.

At least I don’t wanna see you stay there.


Deep breath.

This is me…huggin you and holding your heart and hands and lookin’ straight into your eyes and nodding.

I get it.

I get that pull..that constant yearning that SEES so much….

And not so much labels and titles…but sees so much change you wanna effect, so much suffering you wanna comfort, so much outpouring of what’s worked for you for your now to help others…

And then you may pause and sigh and look at your now and think oooof….we sure gotta long way to go.
And that’s the conclusion I’m speakin to for a moment.

I don’t wanna see you stay there…stay in that empty conclusion that makes you feel like you’re lacking or deficient on any level in your now.

And this isn’t just a feel good mommy hug.

This is me being an advocate for our true nature because we each are already whole and complete expressions of life, spiritually. And because we have within  us all the core elements of our being that we’ll ever need.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of starting to exercise those elements more.

And that’s what I’m wanting to help you with too….and together help each other with more.

So for this now day, this Saturday, if you’re feeling weighed down, if you’re feeling heavy like there’s such a huge mongous gap between you and where you wanna grow, pause…hug your heart, and remind it that right now you embody all the essence and all the qualities you will ever need to emanate the life you wish to.

And in that hug, get really comfy with adoring the who you are now. Because S/he is soo incredibly worthy of giving herself or himself permission to be true to her heart, hold space for where she wants to grow and stepping in that direction…but not from a standpoint of oober deficiency, but rather from a standpoint of “I can do this because I have the essence to do so.”

Now I get there may be a TON of unknowns…and there may feel like millions of steps in between the now and the where you wanna grow.

But can you exude patience? Sure you can.

Can you express calm trust? Sure you can.

Can you emanate clarity and conviction enough to hear the next step?

Yep. You sure can.

It’s why you’re here.

It’s why you’ve braved online enough to show up to this space and read down this far.

You can do this.

I can do this.

And while our ‘this’s” may differ, that desire, that innate desire welling up within to live and be our best selves..THAT DESIRE is what gives us permission.

And we are owning it.

And standing with it.

And so we will take one step with it.

Which step will you take? 🙂

Would love to hear.

Thanks so much for being here and sharin’ your heart….Big hug to you 🙂

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