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Poem and pray every day 2017

A poem and prayer every day 2017…
A year that’s brand new 


A continuum of always eternal good

I find such safety in seeking that which never changes

Hence my quest always for the spiritual substance
As you embark on the first moments of 2017

A deep hope of mine is that you be ever so gentle and loving 

No one is demanding you peak Mt Everest by noon

Or even in 6 mos

Whatever Mt Everest means to you

To me the demand is forever growing for us to resolve to love more

Ourselves to begin with and from there we can out pour 
And loving me sometimes is the thing from which I wanna run most from

Because it seems self centered self absorbed and surely over and over imposed as something to be done
So this new now I’m sharing a definition of loving me that I can swallow
It’s being gentle and kind and tender with my moments and silencing that which dictates perfectionism and imposes authoritarian tones and shaming scolding frowns
Being gentle finds me less micromanaging each second

And more having me calmly pause and listen
Being kind finds me less mentally calling myself stupid or idiot or worse

And being gracious in my footsteps especially when I fall down again of course
And tender with my moments may be my favorite of all

Tender isn’t judging assessing what got done in a whee little hour

Tender hugs the now

Tender holds the hand

Tender says “take one baby step luvbug I know you can”



Are ways I’m loving me
And I share them with you in hopes of your thought by thought ability…
Happy new year loving one 
So much love and huggabuggas 
Tre xoxoxo






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