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Sometimes… the good we see and do

Remains unseen by some who choose to ridicule

and sometimes…

the good we live causes fear for them.

And they feel so confused by our unique they build up unvoiced resentment…

and sometimes

right life means we would come perform in their world, like many who obey them

and sometimes

this demand deafens them to why we can’t leave what we are building

and they’re unable to see any sound reasons for the what we are doing holds no meaning for them

and sometimes

their unvoiced resentment explodes into verbal attacks…when they finally can’t stand what they can’t control

and sometimes

these attacks hurt us so deeply …but we reflect on the good of releasing pent up anger yet their yelling makes us cry…

That sometimes we have to go deep within and ask out loud WHY…

why is it that the good we do causes such hatred from others

and why do some need everything to look like them in order to be comfortable

and sometimes

when we hit that empty broken place

We dig deeper to trust universal intelligence

Because sometimes


rememeber that if Love is impelling us, then our footsteps are not wrong for us.

And sometimes

remembering this — that we are responding to how we are being led — not trying to cause pain for another even them…even amidst the harsh criticism of others must we know and defend …all are blessed

and sometimes…

when selfcenteredness and arrogance blinds them to even this utterance and they explode further

there really is nothing left to do but pray

and hope

and trust

that sometimes

the same still small voice directing our footsteps will give peace to their angered heart in a single moment

And sometimes

when we pray this way

we feel that deep knowing that all wrongs are being righted and We are reminded of the value of patience and trusting…

sometimes ~ ~ ~


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