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Thank you for the right to collect wages…

It’s a momentary shift

From “I have to work”
to “Thank you for this….

This….opportunity to devote thought

This moment that expands to collective hours

which find me serving others

These hours that span into a day

That give me a ‘thing’ that I can say

When someone asks “and what do you do?”

But thank you too for knowing that

How I choose to collect wages IS A CHOICE

and no matter what the masses claim

I have the freedom to change that choice

I am never stuck in prison in any post

But I have the courage and freedom and strength and honesty

To change if I am so nudged

Thank you for this deeper knowing still

That every second I am making a choice and can not be deterred as I seek to do thy will…..


And prayer poeming aside for those who may not share the same view

If ever you feel stuck without work

What helps me through and through

Is to so understand what work is

A devotion of thought to being an expression of qualities.

That’s all it is….

It is not an identity

It is not a prison

It is not a “all you must give up to wind up with this”

There is such entitlement surrounding thought today

That would make some work seem more meaningful

And some work low and unworthy of praise.


And such to me misses the whole point

The days I chose to clean apartments and condos

Were some of the bravest moments I’ve known.

I had moved to a new city

Where I knew no one

I needed money if I was going to try to pay rent

It was messy for a while sleeping on a friend’s couch

And then because it had just been invented I posted ads on craig’s list

I called myself “Evolve Serenity Cleaning”
I set my hourly rate and described the supplies that client would need

I set my boundaries to be only available to clean condo’s

And I set my hours because I wanted to be in and out in two hours.

And day by day I had probably 5-6 condo’s I cleaned

And that is how I discovered the wow of Chicago by getting around from each town to village.

I look back and think what gave me the courage

It was a couple of things

But it always began with gratitude and conviction


I had the right to collect wages and I didnt want to waste a moment of that right.

To me it is up to every single woman to devote thought to what matters most

And every time you overcome fear you are allowing someone else to do the same

And the world is full of good people no matter what anyone says

But more than this too if you ever have had a sense of faith

Your inner rudder is the voice of Love governing every one of your footsteps

And I listened to that voice

That would say “no” upon entering a condo

If it was an aftermath of someone’s party

I was not going to be taking their beer cans to the trash

But see then this helped me edit my ads

And no more did I get the offers from those who only wanted after party clean up

Now someone will read this and think “You were a maid with advanced college degrees?”
And to that one I will say “call it what you will but to me I was devoted thought to what was most needed.”

See friend if you are seeking employment of any kind

It will all feel like some “thing” out there is waiting for you to find it

And yet you are a wealth of resources right now as you are

And you can do whatever you devote your thought to if you try

Stop waiting for something out there to seem wow.

Be the wow you’re seeking and do something this very moment now.

We are all able to be entrepreneurial if we try

But we must lose this sense of entitlement or a sense of what we think we are worth

We have to prove it mile by mile.

While I’m no longer advertising Evolve Serenity Homes

I’ve never stopped cleaning spaces everywhere I go

Whether my nest or those I’m offering as a nest for now

You betcha I clean those spaces with gratitude joy and love of the deepest.

No one is better than anyone else

Creating clean fresh now environments for another to feel safe in is for me one of the ways I love best.

My heart to yours

Stop at nothing to take any skill you have

And offer it up as a service honestly

You are worth earning wages and devoting each moment to focus of order, cleanliness, confidence, discipline, joy, gratitude, intelligence, willingness, and an abundance of other qualities of goodness, thought by thought.

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