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A flake of snow

No two the same

Reminds of individuality

And the infinite expression of unique wo/man

A blanket of white

No inch unhugged

Reminds of the constancy

Wrapped up in divine Love

The sweet flowing fall

No path the same

Reminds of restoration and renewal

Each able each moment be made new again…

What of frozen water

a pure crystal for a moment

Let’s light flow through

No residue prevents it

How can I be that snowflake

And glow anew

Allow the light of hope for peace and health for humanity

Keep flowing through….

A quiet reflection

On a snowy day

Grounds my deepest convictions

Of the healing power of silent prayer…

Wherever this finds you

Whatever causing now strife

Go deep

Get still

And defend what governs yours (and everyone’s ) life

Never abandoned



Never leftovers



Or useless

Always able to think rightly and BE

Abounding and overflowing with Love where it matters most

In our thinking…

“Desire is prayer; and no loss can occur from trusting God with our desires, that they may be moulded and exalted before they take form in words and in deeds.” ~ Mary Baker Eddy










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