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Stitch by stitch, thought by thought

A poem…stitch by stitch, thought by thought

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At first was I just fabric and thread

til…stitch by stitch…tender hands sewed me into this form instead

but always, was I through and through

the girl I am




And so, my friend

whatever your now seems?

You already are and include all you’ll ever need to be

For just as tender care stitched my form

Love’s evolving you, thought by thought, already adored 🙂



Hello reader friend and thank you…

For giving this poem a listen.

And for being here and sharing some of your thought focus.

If this poem resonates with you, and you have any interest in thinking through how to adore you, your now,

and how to see and feel that you already include all that you need to be,

I welcome talking with you…

Just fill out the contact form (tab to the right).

I look forward to hearing from you.

Big hug,



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