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This moment…this very one

Fired for fraud–yet 20 years ago

Unable to trust because of an assault over a decade ago…

Shocked by his affair going on during their two decade marriage

Shy to move fully into anywhere because of once homeless

Human events that are hard it seems

Want to redefine us as a remnant of experience

Yet could there be a deeper view

One that knows it’s image and likeness never falls from Eternal Truth?

Oh indeed there’s the view from Spirit

Which sees each idea of its creating as image and likeness

Than as ever and always at hand

Is the welcome invitation to change the lens from which we view ourselves as woman

A beloved nephew of mine very prophetically memorized a phrase

“For God sees not what man sees. For man looks on the outward appearance but God looks on matters of the heart.”

(I Samuel 16:7)

Could we all begin to gaze

At one another not as the aftermath of their days

Could we strive to love ourselves

Not as a remnant or left overs?

Indeed we can all do more to see

The view of Spirit that created we

Then no blemish or hardship would cloud

The ability to live and prove our oneness with God.

My heart to yours

Tre ~


Hello friend reading….

This is a spontaneous poeming I’ve tapped into my iPhone… I use my left thumb and my right pointer and always compose after pausing and praying.

The only edits I make ever are if there’s a misspelled word or a Siri correcting. 🙂

If you relate to the poem above and you desire to heal the residue of how you view yourself I welcome working with you.

Thank you for investing moments here,

Tre ~

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