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Unmasked …unedited…unfiltered…now

Sometimes… if we are honest… we can face thought and notice…

A pattern….

Of trying to seem…

Or a habit…

Of trying to please….

And sometimes

When we ask ourselves who would I be

If I wasn’t trying to seem or please

It can be scary

And hard too

Because we’ve done it for so long

What else

How else would we be and do?

Honesty and innocence whisper “this way luvbug”

And Love says

“You’re safe and adored and approved…now

“Oh yeah” say we as we really get again…

To be authentic is not a game of pretend

My heart to yours

Tre ~

Unmasked…unedited…unfiltered now

Unmasked we can surely be
true and authentic and bulldoze the pulls to appear and seem and please.
Unmoved by the criticisms of “supposed to by now”
we can face where we are and keep climbing… seeing ourselves already standing in that destination we desire and know we will step by step somehow.

Unfiltered by the lures that say video is only if you wanna perform…

Unintimidated by all that suggests if you show up on social media you’re gonna get a following

I don’t want followers

I want to be a whisper of BE

Whatever you see possible you can live right now not someday you see.

No one can do it for you

No one will ever be able to hear

The very way that nudge is nudging you

But you know when you’re running from it and caving to fear…

So don’t…

Face thought…

And be willing to say…

Now is the only
and always
and be done with a belief of someday …


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Tre ~

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