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What Love does

When a world is fretting

And a nation is mourning and arguing

And media is blaring

And our hearts bleeding

Divine Love is speaking

to each heart 




Saying “I am with you alway”

Fret not the erupting of the human way

It reminds us to not hold to anything empty

Resentment is empty

But it seems to fuel rage

And distance 

And hugging our what we think we need to feel safe 

” ‘Let there be light’  is a demand of Truth and Love, changing chaos into order and discord into the music of the spheres.” ~ Mary Baker Eddy

As I demand this truth in my thought and pray all feel the comfort therein?

I feel safe…

I feel hope…

And I know and trust so will another.
It can seem like order is caused by systems of law and government 
And if that’s true then when those systems aren’t secure or holding up 

our own security can feel in jeopardy

But ask yourself what you believe has real power 

Is governing

We don’t see it always

Surely not in snippets or at virtual reality’s pace
But there is a divine demand insisting on order 

Caused not by us by systems or or or
But impelled by truth itself
Like a spiritual universal current 
And leaning on this?

Is helping me much of late…
Because even when we wanna see the tangible and sometimes what we can’t see is what we must hold to…

Do you have a way to feel stable and secure in your thinking?

It’s what I help folks do…

And I would love to share what and how with you…

Please be in touch if you want to steady on in thought and feel that sense of calm, perpetual, grounded sense of “I am with you alway” moment by moment.

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